Sunday, 4 August 2013

2013 MBBS Freshers & their photos

Principal Dr Kalpana Subrahmanyam
Some photos of the 2013 MBBS Freshers - seniors welcomed them with a cake brought by Gen Sec Abhilash & Assoc Gen Sec Michelle & Cultural Sec Rupesh & others.
They had some orientation programs & Interaction sessions & a session from the District Judge & Lawyers.
here are some photographs -

foreground - Hemant (2k10) Rupesh & Abhilash (2k9) Dr Ram Prasad Michelle & __ (2k9)

2k13 Aishita singing the prayer

Drs Krishnaveni NNRaju MarutiChander, Kalpana, SVKumar Ashalata

Abhilash getting the cake ready for the 91st batch of AMCians

freshers cutting the cake with principal

madam giving help-cards (with tel nos. etc) to freshers

police & legal aid meeting - principal superintendent, legal secretary, Dr Saroj, SVKumar & lawyer

frehser presenting a bouquet to principal

fresher to superintendent

legal secretary speaking

lawyer speaking

judge surya rao speaking




  1. न यकीन हो तो तुम पूछ लेना किसी से भी कभी
    दोस्ती से खूबसूरत रिश्ता दूसरा कोई नहीं

    आज के दिन के नाम....
    यारों के नाम.....
    यारियों के नाम .....

  2. can somebody please re-post this in english?

  3. Dr Pradeep should be able to do it better - but here it is -
    Naa yakeen hO tO tum pooch lEna kisee sE bhi
    kabhi dOsti sE khoobsoorat rishta kOyi naheen.
    (if you do not believe (me), ask anyone -
    never was there a relation more beautiful than friendship).
    Aaj kE din kE naam
    yaarOn kE naam
    yaariyOn kE naam
    salaam salaam salaam.
    (to today (in today's name) -
    to all (male) friends (friends' name) -
    to all (female) friends (friends' name) -
    greetings & greetings.